City of COS launches new #MaskUpCOS campaign – KKTV 11 News

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV). The City of Colorado Springs is asking all of us to wear masks whenever we’re out, for the sake of others.

In a new social media campaign called #MaskUpCOS, the mayor, and the El Paso County Department are teaming up to spread the message.

The City and the Department want all of us to think of others any we head out into public. With that in mind, they hope more people will mask up.

On Friday, the public heard from doctors, the Colorado Springs Fire Chief, and more as they asked the public to wear a mask. Experts there say we now have the data, and it is clear that wearing a mask really does help prevent the spread of the virus.

One mom whose son is immuno-compromised says it can save a life.

“It’s important to us that we were masks because it keeps him safe. We have been wearing masks for years, Amanda Archuleta said. “Zander still plays baseball, he does percussion in the band at school, he does fencing. He still wears his mask eight hours a day. It keeps them safe. And it’s important to us that everybody else stay safe because he can’t protect himself and by protecting yourself you’re protecting others as well.”

Emergency room doctor at Penrose St. Francis Dr. Michael Roshon spoke about how he has seen first-hand what the virus can do to patients. He reiterated that wearing masks really does help prevent the spread.

“If everyone can see what it does to the lungs of a sick patient, how much she destroys their ability to breathe, I think everyone would be wearing a mask,” he said.

If you take a walk in downtown Colorado Springs, there are already a good amount of people doing just that.

“It’s is just so easy to get one and be safe for yourself and safe for others for such a low cost,” Sarah Cummings said.

As far as where things stand now, El Paso County currently has about 311 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people. The County says that means we are considered at “moderate risk”

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