Boulder County extends mask order indefinitely – The Daily Camera

Boulder County has extended its mask order indefinitely, as the county continues to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

The order requires face coverings for every person older than 12 years old whenever in public anywhere in Boulder County that social distancing of six feet cannot be maintained.

The order had been set to expire on Tuesday, but according to a release from Boulder County Public, the mask order will now remain in place indefinitely.

“We know it’s unpleasant to wear a face covering. None of us are excited to wear them. But it’s a small inconvenience that can save lives and our economy,” Jeff Zayach, Boulder County Public executive director, said in a statement. “Wearing face coverings in public is not a political statement; it’s an important tool in our toolbox to help slow the spread of this disease. If we can slow the spread, we’ll be able to enter the Protect Your Neighbor phase which will allow us to further reopen our economy.”

But the release also states the county does not have enough resources to police individual people violating the order. Instead, the release asks for the public’s help in normalizing wearing masks and encouraging others to do so.

“We know that some people are choosing not to wear face coverings despite being required by law,” Zayach said in a statement. “This is disappointing and leaves it up to the rest of us to be responsible for ourselves, our loved ones, those who could die from the disease, and the survival of our economy. Let’s show the state and country that the people of Boulder County care about their community.”

Boulder County in recent weeks has seen several spikes in coronavirus cases, particularly among people ages 20 through 29.

According to data reported Sunday, there have been 1,365 positive or probable coronavirus cases reported, with 71 deaths tied to the virus. The county is also investigating 106 disease cases, according to Boulder County Public

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