Loudoun County Sees More COVID-19 Cases in Teens – NBC4 Washington

Loudoun County is reporting a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases, specifically in teenagers. officials say about 100 teens have tested positive and the spike traces back to a beach trip in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Dozens of Loudoun County beach week goers, from multiple areas of the county, brought home new COVID-19 cases.

“We’re now up to about 100 individuals that have become infected as a result of this trip and there still may be more out there,” said Dr. David Goodfriend, the Loudoun County Director.

Goodfriend said his office traced the infections back to a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Carter is a Loudoun County parent and heard about the spike in cases.

“I’m not surprised. I’m seeing people posting about their vacations,” Carter said.

She said she’s also seeing parents post their demands that all students return to school in-person 100% of the time in the fall. Carter said she isn’t ready for that.

“We’ve gotta do something, we’ve gotta act now, this is happening very quickly.” officials say the virus isn’t going anywhere.

“It really is a wake up call to us that the virus is still here,” Goodfriend said.

Carter and other parents started a Facebook group to discuss alternatives.

Amanda Bean, another Loudoun County Public School parent, is suggesting the younger students go back in full but spread them throughout every school building, including the middle and high schools.

“I would like to see elementary school be prioritized because if we don’t get those kids back, we have a massive childcare crisis.”

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