Moderna coronavirus vaccine shows promising results in early clinical trial – POLITICO

What it means: Participants received either a low, medium or high dose of the vaccine. Those who in all three groups who received both shots eventually produced “high levels of neutralizing antibody activity” that may keep at bay, the scientists reported. The antibody levels were similar to those seen in people who recovered from coronavirus infections.

But wait: The development of the antibodies is not direct proof that the vaccine works. Determining that will require a final, Phase III clinical trial.

What’s next: Researchers began enrolling participants in a Phase II trial in late May to further study the vaccine’s safety and its ability to produce an immune response.

Moderna plans to start a Phase III trial on July 27 to determine whether the vaccine can prevent coronavirus infection. That trial — conducted with help from NIAID and the federal government’s Operation Warp Speed initiative — will eventually enroll 30,000 people.

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