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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Across the country, some patients who have contracted COVID-19 have also developed blood clots, which at times can cause serious complications.

That includes a 22-year-old Jacksonville woman, whose mother spoke to News4Jax under the condition of anonymity. She said her daughter has been battling COVID-19 for nearly four weeks and that she had no pre-existing health issues.

The mother said days after her daughter tested positive, she was placed in an intensive care unit. After she was sent home, she ended up back in an emergency room because of blood clots.

“We found out they formed in her lungs,” the mother said.

A scan revealed nearly 10 clots in her daughter’s lungs. Medical professionals say it only takes one clot to travel to a person’s heart to become fatal.

Dr. Pauline Rolle, with the Duval County Department, says blood clots in certain COVID-19 patients is something doctors are noticing across the U.S.

“COVID-19 causes an overwhelming inflammatory response in the body, and with that, blood clots are one of those phenomenon that occur as a result,” Rolle said.

Rolle says it’s hard to predict which COVID-19 patients will develop clots because although they are seeing it in severe cases, they are also seeing clot formations in mild cases.

As for the 22-year old Jacksonville woman, she’s taking blood thinners to treat the clots.

“In theory, everything should be okay,” her mother said. “We’re watching her very carefully. She’s getting follow up blood work regularly, and she’s being very careful.”

The Department says patients who tested positive for the coronavirus and that had an issue with blood clots prior to the infection need to contact their doctor to get tested for new clots.

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