COVID-19 Nurse ‘Fighting For His Life’ Flown From Florida To Boston For Treatment – CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS)  — A nurse who was fighting coronavirus on the frontlines was flown to Boston after he became paralyzed due to a coronavirus-related infection. Desmond Silva, 22, was taken from Florida to the ICU at Massachusetts General Hospital by a special medical jet.

His mother, Barbara Bonnet lives in Massachusetts. She said her son contracted the virus a few months ago and seemed to be making a full recovery.

“Devastating is an understatement. No mom, no dad, nobody should have to go through the pain we’ve gone through so far,” said Bonnet.

Desmond Silva (Courtesy Photo)

Silva has been working as a nurse at Largo Medical Center in Orlando. He is being treated for a rare spinal infection that left him paralyzed from the neck down, according to Bonnet.  He’s been in the hospital for a week and was flown to Boston Saturday night for treatment.

“Absolutely fighting for his life,” said Bonnet. “It’s triggered through a viral infection and he did test positive for COVID a couple of months back.”

She said her son became a nurse just one year ago and was so excited to help those in need. Now he finds himself on the other side of the front line.

“I want to get out that COVID is real. It’s the unknown and be aware of the signs and symptoms.”

Silva’s mother, father, and step-mother are all nurses. The family firmly believes he will make a full recovery and this life-altering set back will not deter him one bit from doing what he was born to do.

“He followed in our footsteps and we are very proud of him,” said Bonnet.

A family friend has a set up a go fund me page for the Massachusetts native. “The outpouring is super humbling. You know, especially in these trying times with COVID and people who are losing their jobs.” Bonnet said.

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