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My Beauty Routine Looks Nothing Like It Did Before COVID-19, All Thanks to Maskne

Right before social distancing began, my skin was thriving. Breakouts were something that I experienced maybe once a month, I had just nailed my no-makeup makeup look for work, and I cut out foundation from my daily routine. Even during the first three months of work from home my skin was fine. But then month four happened, and the maskne and skin irritation flare-ups began. No matter what I tried, I woke up with red, uncomfortable breakouts on my chin. There was – and still is – a laundry list of things irritating my skin: cloth face masks, the hot summer temperature, my persistent attempt to wear my normal makeup routine, sweat. I applied makeup to try to hide the breakouts on the lower half of my face but it always came off on the inside of my mask and made my skin feel even more congested. Now, as we head into month five, I’m almost afraid to admit in fear of jinxing it that I may have figured out a skin-care routine to manage and treat the acne from my mask and a new daily makeup routine that works for me. Almost all of the products in my morning skin-care routine have changed to account for my new acne-prone skin type and my makeup routine looks a lot different too, so I’m sharing the products that have made it into my month-five-of-social-distancing beauty routine, ahead.

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