Possible COVID-19 exposure reported during district-wide school registration event in Reedsburg – – WISC-TV3


REEDSBURG, Wis. — Sauk County health officials said there was a potential COVID-19 exposure risk during a district-wide school registration event in Reedsburg on Tuesday.

A news release said health officials reported at least one person who tested positive for the virus was at the School District of Reedsburg’s registration event. The person was not showing any symptoms at the time but may have been infectious, according to the release.

Health officials said the chance of others getting infected from the possible exposure is low, but those who were in attendance between 9:15-10:30 a.m. should check themselves for symptoms.

“Sauk County Public Health and the School District of Reedsburg have been working closely together to respond to this
potential exposure,” said Tim Lawther, Sauk County Health Officer, “and to strengthen existing preventive measures.”

The district has since contacted parents, teachers and staff who were potentially exposed.



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