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BOISE (Idaho Statesman) – When the coronavirus first shut down the United States, Idaho seemed to spring to life outdoors.

Greenbelts were stampeded. Parks were filled with children. Foothills trails were overrun by joggers and bikers.

But have most of us really been exercising more during the pandemic?

Just the opposite. Idahoans basically have morphed into sloths, according to a new Google survey conducted by Ezvid Wiki, a video and software company. The average Idahoan is doing 42 percent less exercise than before, a press release says — and watching tons more TV.

By percentage drop, Idaho is the 9th laziest state, according to the study. Vermont is the worst, doing 67 percent less exercise. Minnesota is best, with only 16 percent less exercise than before COVID.

Pour that Cheetos bag into your mouth and consider this. The July poll featured 3,710 respondents nationally. That’s not a humongous sample size — certainly smaller than Boise’s apparent waistline. But the result still feels bewildering. We Idahoans take pride in being active, right?

Can we blame it on our gyms being closed? Um, not really. After the initial shutdown, most opened again.

“Despite having the option of home workouts, it appears many people used lockdown to let their fitness slide,” the press release says. “It is, therefore, no coincidence that the survey also found that Idahoans have watched, on average, 356 hours of TV during lockdown (roughly 32 hours per week). This compares to 262 hours over a comparable pre-lockdown period.”

Sadly, that seems very believable. (And I still need to watch “Peaky Blinders” on Netflix.) Any parent with children knows that kids are logging way more screen time. In my household, tons more — despite a constant tug of war.

“It was found that the state with the squarest eyes is Nevada,” the press release says. “Its residents watched the most TV of all, clocking up 519 hours, or 47 per week. In fact, that’s nearly seven hours a day, which is almost like doing it as a full-time job.”

Other findings? One in five of us admits “to having become addicted to the TV since lockdown” and “nearly half of adults (46 percent) even confess they’ve watched TV during work hours.”

We also seem to be proud of our loafing: “57 percent say they have enjoyed being lazy during lockdown.”

Either way, it’s way too hot outside to exercise today. Got any Cheetos left?

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