5 Winnebago County businesses issued 3rd closure notice for defying COVID-19 guidelines – WREX-TV

WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WREX) — The Winnebago County Health Department has issued more closure notices to businesses defying the state’s COVID-19 guidelines.

As of Tuesday night, 5 businesses were issued their 3rd notice to close by the health department while more businesses received their first notice to close.

Here’s a look at the businesses who received their 3rd notice to close:

  • Fozzy’s Bar & Grill, 6246 E. Riverside Blvd., Loves Park,
  • Neighbors Bar & Grill, 7745 Forest Hills Rd., Loves Park,
  • Doc’s Diner, 6499 N. 2nd St., Loves Park,
  • Latham Tap West, 2402 Latham St., Rockford
  • Ref’s Bar and Grill, 415 N. Center St., Durand,

Here’s what the health department said about the second closure notices for all 8 establishments:

A reasonable belief exists that the premises identified in this Order has engaged or is suspected of engaging in a significant amount of activity likely to spread the following dangerously contagious or infectious disease: COVID-19.

Firehouse Pub, 10670 Main St. in Roscoe, were issued their second notice to close by the health department.

Three businesses were given their first notice to close by the health department:

  • Onyx Bar and Grill, 1001 W. Lane Rd. in Machesnsey Park,
  • Hogs and Hydrants, 412 N. Center St. in Durand,
  • Sophia’s, 5467 Bridges St. in Roscoe,

Earlier this week, Dr. Sandra Martell, the Public Administrator of the Winnebago County Health Department, had a clear message for establishments defying the state’s COVID-19 guidelines.

“I urge those in institutions and restaurants and establishments that are on that list to come in to compliance. You are not helping our community. You are hurting our community. And it will make it harder for the rest of our businesses and the rest of our institutions,” said Dr. Martell during a press conference on Monday.

In total, more than 40 businesses in the county have been given a notice to close for not following the state’s COVID-19 guidelines.

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